Reduce food waste and help people in need.

Donating your excess food has never been so easy! If you are unable to collect and then transport your excess food to facilities such as food banks, this website will allow you to advertise your donation directly to people in need.

Welcome to Glean Canada!

Are you a food producer (commercial orchardist or even a backyard gardener)? Do you have any excess food (fruit/vegetables etc.) that you would like to donate? If so, this website can assist you! This web based service will allow you to post ads about your excess food, and directly give it to people in need.

Just like putting an ad in the newspaper, you just simply describe what you are donating (e.g. apples), the quantity which you have, your location, and your contact information. If necessary, you may also include other information such as needed equipment (gloves, ladders etc.) and scheduling. People in need, who visit this website, will contact you directly to arrange a collection (a.k.a. gleaning) time.

Whether it’s a plum tree in your backyard or 15 acres of hail-damaged apples, this is your source if you would like to donate your excess food. Please click on the ADD A LISTING button (on the right) to post an ad for free – NO REGISTRATION required!

*Please Note: This website is STRICTLY for donations only – users are NOT allowed to charge for the goods which they are providing.

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The act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been commercially harvested or on fields where it is not economically profitable to harvest.