About Us

Glean Canada was created to reduce food waste and help people in need.

This website's services are targeted at people who are unable to collect and deliver their excess food to food banks, but would still like to donate it to people in need. Traditional gleaning is very labour intensive as it requires volunteers to find, collect, and transport food to facilities such as food banks. To make gleaning easier for donators and people in need, Glean Canada allows for direct contact between them.

This idea of "people-to-people gleaning" was developed by Raja Wariach, a student at University of British Columbia Okanagan. For his Geography 491N (Community Food Security) class with Professor Mary Stockdale (Ph.D), Raja decided to address the issue of food waste for his term project. Seeing first hand the food waste that occurs when events such as hailstorms damage apple crops, Raja decided to find a way to salvage excess/unwanted food, in an efficient and sustainable manner. Instead of allowing unmarketable but edible apples to rot on trees, Glean Canada allows orchardists to invite people in need to collect the apples for themselves and their families. This is just one example of how Glean Canada can reduce food waste and help people in need.

Thank you for visiting Glean Canada!